The Women’s Torch Corporate Social Responsibility

The Women’s Torch corporate social responsibility initiative is aligned with our overall aim of remaining relevant as a new player in the West African media scene.

We are committed to connecting our brand to the people of the region, in particular women and children, and, we aim to be of service to the communities in which we operate.

Our CSR projects focus on mentoring, expertise and skills transfer and development; and the enhancement of women’s entrepreneurial skills.

Women, Future Media Leaders

Women in the media are less likely to receive the first critical promotion to decision making positions — so far fewer end up on the path to leadership. Women in the media also get less access to input, and opportunities that accelerate careers.

The senior management team of the Women’s Torch will organize quarterly in-house training and media house visits (on request), in the countries in which we operate to provide for entry level and junior career female journalists (less than five years’ experience) with a keen interest ‘gender sensitive reporting’ and ‘leadership for women in media’. We intend to give them the tools to report women and men in a more equal context and provide them with the requisite leadership skills to climb up the platform in the news media.

Internship Programme

Through our Women’s Torch Internship programme, we give university (female) students and aspiring young journalists an opportunity for a 6 month internship to have first-hand experience in a newsroom, teaching them skills to prepare for and secure permanent jobs in the media sector.

Women’s Small Enterprise Development Initiative

The Women’s Torch supports local women in Bamako running small businesses.   The registered independent fund, assists small (women owned) businesses with seed capital. It aims to develop skills and encourage entrepreneurship, enterprise development and social-change initiatives.

For further information on our CSR Initiative, please contact:

Ndey Tapha Sosseh, Managing Editor, The Women’s Torch, Bamako, Mali.


Tel: +223 75 25 73 30