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Morocco Celebrates National Women’s Day


The celebration of National Women’s Day in Morocco provided an opportunity to assess the achievements made at the political and socio-economic level in Morocco in terms of promoting the status of women, but also to pinpoint the gaps to be filled. Morocco is working to set up a series of programs and plans aimed at raising awareness of the situation of women and the protection of their rights, first and foremost the right to gender equality and the fight against all forms of discrimination, and the participation of women in political and economic life. As regards public policies designed to ensure gender equality, the “Ikram” equality plan, which provided a framework for cohesion between the various initiatives taken to promote equality of gender mainstreaming in public policy and development programs. This plan also reflects the commitments made under the 2012-2016 government program. After Ikram 1 (2012-2016), the development of “Ikram 2” (2017-2021) took place in accordance with a new conception and a different vision, in order to guarantee continuity, support the achievements and complete the vital projects launched within the framework of the previous plan, through the updating of the strategy and the methods of intervention that can ensure greater effectiveness in policies aimed at equality. The “Ikram2” vision is based on four thematic axes, focusing in particular on strengthening employability, women’s economic integration, promoting gender equality in the areas of family responsibilities, women’s participation in decision-making, protection of women and the strengthening and consolidation of women’s rights, based on an approach based on respect for human rights. “Ikram 2” also aims to support the cohesion and the various actors of civil society as well as the private sector with a view to strengthening women’s access to decision-making positions.

Indeed, women’s political participation enables their effective contribution to the development of public policies in order to achieve equality and equity, not only between gender but also between citizens in general, in this regard, a document from the Ministry of the Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development. According to this document, Morocco has made great efforts to ensure the effective participation of women in political life by adopting a set of measures that have allowed the revision of the municipal charter and the electoral code, introducing a quota for women in the national list. As a result, several achievements have been made thanks to awareness-raising by several actors, namely government, civil society and political parties, in order to encourage the participation of women in the management of national public affairs and local. However, despite the efforts made, women’s representativeness remains limited in several areas. Women’s economic empowerment is one of the key entry points to consolidate gender equality. This focus is derived from the constitutional provisions that have given great importance to women’s economic, social and political empowerment as a determining factor in building the rule of law. In its quest to improve socioeconomic indices for women, in line with the objectives of sustainable development (SDO), in particular with regard to the economic empowerment of women and the strengthening of their entrepreneurial spirit, the Ministry has put in place an institutional structure to monitor the different areas of women’s empowerment and support institutional and societal initiatives in this area.

The Ministry has also launched the “Tamayouz” Prize for Moroccan Women, in recognition of the initiatives taken by individuals, civil authorities or national institutions in the field of social development and situation of women. If the 18th objective of the governmental plan “Ikram” has been devoted to the economic empowerment of women, the same approach will be maintained during the third edition of the Tamayouz Prize, dedicated to the “Creation of Women’s Enterprise” and whose results were to be unveiled yesterday, which coincides with the National Day of Moroccan Women. “The most important achievement of the Moroccan woman in terms of equality and the fight against all forms of discrimination is the constitutionalization of her rights,” MAP, the coordinator of the coalition Spring of Dignity, Hayat Ndichi, considering that the reports of national associations and international organizations have revealed a regression in the rights of women. Bill 103.13 on the fight against violence against women does not meet the aspirations of Moroccan women, does not protect all categories of women, in particular unmarried women and women with disabilities, and includes all forms of violence against women, including domestic violence, she said. After lamenting the violation of certain provisions of the Family Code, in particular during the divorce proceedings, she considered that what hampers the development of Moroccan women remains the discriminatory discourse against her, which devalues ​​her competences and her important role in the development of society. Source: Liberation