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Mali: Mrs Keïta Aïda M’BO, the Green Lady dedicated to the nation


Ms Kéita Aida M’Bo, minister of the Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development, is more than ever committed to win the challenge of sanitation and environmental protection through its relevant actions. Confirmed in July 2017 at the head of the Ministry of Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development, Mrs Kéïta Aïda M’Bo continues to produce convincing results. The mountains of garbage in the city of Bamako are only a sad memory. A green lady in her heart, with degrees in law and in sustainable development, Mrs Kéïta is on familiar ground. Previously assistant to the UNDP Resident Representative / Advisor to the Environment Program UNDP, Mali Ms. Kéïta Aïda M’Bo, given her actions and commitment to the Malian nation has fought to rid the Lafiabougou population of the mountain of garbage with which they had lived for several years. Beyond this mountain, every Saturday, this lady is on an anti-garbage crusade. An operation that has cleared several quarters of anarchic garbage deposits like Medina, Korofina North, Yirimadio and the Banankabougou market. Added to this is the clearing of the collectors of Bamako which later became become garbage depots? Actions that have minimized the risk of flooding. Environmental Protection Beyond the sanitation aspect, Mrs Kéïta Aïda M’Bo has opened up another front, that of protecting the environment. In this regard, she has played a leading role in the negotiations on Mali’s position at the COP-22 held in Marrakech this year. At the end of these negotiations, Mali was provided funding for several development projects in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Long before, on behalf of UNDP, Ms Kéïta, in charge of the cluster environment climate change and inclusive sustainable development, was innovative with projects such as the presentation of the experience of Mali on the “mainstreaming” of the environment in development plans at international fora. She also participated in numerous research and joint fundraising missions between the Government of Mali and the UNDP / Mali office on climate change, protected areas, sustainable land management and renewable energies. Mrs Kéïta Aïda M’Bo made a major contribution to the establishment of the Climate Fund Mali, contributed to the success of the fortnights of the environment by her expertise and her various and varied support. She has been a member of the National Project Selection Committee of the Global Environment Facility Microfinance Program (PMF / FEM) and has contributed to the rigorous compliance of projects with national environmental policies, their contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). She was a major contributor to the 21st Conference of the Parties for Climate (Cop-21 in Paris in November-December 2015) as Chair of the Negotiating Group before her appointment as head of the Ministry of the Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development. Source: Maliweb.Net