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Launch of the Chad Without Hunger Campaign


An advocacy campaign for rural women was launched on Friday, October 6 2017 at the Chad Women’s House. The ceremony was chaired by the Secretary of State for Finance and Budget, Banata Tchalet Sow.
Several civil society organizations and Oxfam took the initiative to organize this national advocacy campaign for rural women in Chad called the” Chad Without Hunger Campaign for Rural Women”.

The objective of this campaign is to promote the participation of rural women in food and nutrition security in Chad through secure access to the means of production, including land and credit.
Rural producers account for about 40% of the Chadian population and account for 80% of household food expenditure. They constitute an essential and stable agricultural labor force but are not sufficiently taken into account. Chad is the penultimate country in the ranking of gender inequality. In the agricultural world, these inequalities are experienced on a daily basis, hampering economic potential as well as personal development, in addition to limiting the productivity of family farms and the well-being of communities.

On the other hand, more than 80% of rural women producers do not have their own or subsidized means of production. Rural women producers are faced with difficulties in accessing and securing agricultural land and have very little access to credit.

This campaign will be based on a combination of sharing experiences and knowledge of different Oxfam advocacy programs and initiatives in Chad and partners in order to build robust hypotheses.