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Mali: Kidal women call for the departure of the Barkhane force


Dozens of women demonstrated on Monday, October 2 in Kidal, northern Mali, demanding the departure of the French anti-terrorist force Barkhane. This outburst of anger follows an arrest operation carried out in the city on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

According to several eyewitnesses, the operation was allegedly conducted at 4am in the morning against two houses belonging to Mahamadou Ag Rhissa, a trader carrier operating mainly on the Mali-Algeria border. Seven people were reportedly arrested.

They blamed the Barkhane force for intervening with explosives and automatic weapons in the city and deliberately burning vehicles.

If Barkhane refuses to comment at this time, a source at the Malian Defense Ministry confirms that the operation took place, that seven people were actually arrested, some of them injured but no deaths reported. It also confirms that two vehicles were burnt, without specifying how, and adds that weapons and ammunition have been seized.

As for the nature of the intervention, “this is an anti-terrorist operation conducted on the basis of very solid information received by the Barkhane command center in Ndjamena”, the source told the Ministry of Defense.

Source: RFI Africa