Femoral neck

Toto tells his father
– Dad, I had zero because I did not know where the neck of the femur is!
– You have to revise your geography!


A white man and an old man from the bété ethnic group were travelling in a canoe.

The white man asked the old bété: Do you know geology, geography, ecology.

No he answered.

Then the white man told him that he was ignorant.  Suddenly the canoe capsized, and, the white man who could not swim asked for help from the old beast.

He asked thou knowest swimo-logy, or you’re get to get drown-ology, then you’re going to know death-ology since you do not know how to respect PAPA-OLOGY.

The Thief

An old man sent his son to steal all the time. One day he was caught.  Screamms came from everywhere: “Thief, thief, thief!! “.
Everyone was rushing, including old man. When the eyes of the old man
and of the little one crossed, fearing that the little one wanted to speak; he said, “slap his mouth otherwise he’ll lie on someone.”