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Mali: Radio directors attend CANAM School


The Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie (CANAM) of Mali in partnership with the Union of Free Radios and Televisions of Mali (URTEL) organized a day of exchange and information with the directors of local radios on Monday, September 25, 2017 at the Hotel Mandé.

CANAM is currently faced with challenges such as consumer abuse and some pockets of resistance to membership, identification of beneficiaries, fraud, and adherence to the informal sector. To better understand these difficulties, URTEL and CANAM initiated a day of exchange on the issue of AMO (obligatory health insurance).

Thirty-seven directors or representatives of radio stations were present at the session chaired by the deputy director general of CANAM, Alassane Balobo Dicko, alongside URTEL president, Bandiougou Danté.

The exchanges allowed participants the opportunity to have more information about CANAM’s new systems in order to relay the importance of its services to the populations. The participants pledged to give broad information through programs, newspapers and magazines.

CANAM reaffirmed its support for any initiative to publicize its products. According to his DGA, it is never too late to do well. The authorities have realized that the trend must be reversed and the information disseminated widely.

Fatim Traoré