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Cameroon: petition against violence against women in agriculture


The Cameroon branch of the Sustainable Development Actors Network (RADD) has launched a petition in Yaoundé against violence against women in agriculture. The ceremony, held on Wednesday under the auspices of the Ministry of Women and Family Protection, was punctuated by testimonies from women working in palm oil processing, a debate and the presentation of the booklet on the palm tree.

The Cameroonians have joined their peers in West and Central Africa, all affected by the expansion of industrial plantations in monoculture, especially oil palm plantations. They find that agro-industries maintain a system of impoverishment of the communities living in or around these units and that the women, the main workers of the family unit, are the most affected. The land where these peasant women have always produced food to feed their families and the community is taken from them, making them unable to meet the food needs while the pressure of starvation rests on them.

Through its petition, the RADD demands respect for the rights of women in and around large-scale agricultural areas, and that their lands should be given back to them to enable them continue to enjoy their customary rights for their agricultural activities.  This should also enable them to ensure the food security and sovereignty of their communities, the stability and flourishing of their families, and the peace and development of their regions of origin.

For RADD, not only must “women decide on the use of their land”, but above all, the violence they suffer must cease. “We defend families destroyed by starvation, conflict, exclusion, theft, rape, disease and death due to the monopolization of their land by major national and multinational companies”.

They also called on states to protect the people and the farmers and, to respect the laws of the countries the populations.

Source: Journal du Cameroun.com