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National Day of Mali: Focus on women leaders


On the occasion of the 57th anniversary of Mali’s independence, 22 September 2017, The Women’s Torch pays tribute to the women leaders who succeeded one another in government from 1960 to the present. In 57 years of independence, Mali has had 57 women ministers. During 60 years of governmental practice, since May 20, 1957, Mali has had only one woman as prime minister and 56 other women ministers in various sectorial departments. Three of these women ministers are no longer of this world. Peace to their souls!
These women held high office in the various governments under the Framework Law (May 1957 – November 1958), the Sudanese Republic (November 1958 – September 1960), the Federation of Mali (April 1959 – September 1960) under the 1st Republic of Mali (September 1960 – November 1968).

Ms. Sidibé Mariam Khaïdama Youba Cissé

Ms Sidibé Mariam Khaïdama Youba Cissé, born on 4 January 1948 in Timbuktu, the only woman Prime Minister of Mali (April 2011 – March 2012)  also served as Minister of Planning and International Cooperation (August 1991 to June 1992), Minister of Agriculture and Environment and Minister of Rural Development.

She is currently the Chair of the Malian section of the Network of African Women Ministers and Parliamentarians (REFAMP). Since November 2015, she has been appointed Honorary Ambassador of the Niger River Basin Authority (ABN) for the World Climate Change Summit (COP21, December 2015) as well as member of the steering committee for the mobilization of funds ($ 3.11 billion) to finance the PIC-ABN Climate Investment Plan (2015-2025).

The Late Mrs Cissé Inna Sissoko

Born December 11, 1933 in Ké-Macina, the late Mrs Cissé Inna Sissoko, State Nurse, is the first woman member of the government (November 1968 – July 1972). She was Secretary of State for Social Affairs in the first five ministerial teams of the Military Committee for National Liberation (CMLN).

Mrs Gakou Fatou Niang

As the first woman to receive the title of “Minister”, Ms. Gakou Fatou Niang holds several degrees in Letters, Literature and English. Born on 19 May 1938 in Koulikoro, she was Minister of Information and Telecommunications (August 1980 – June 1988). Ms. Gakou Fatou Niang was assigned to the National Directorate of General Secondary Education responsible for school statistics from 1991 until her retirement in 1997.

Mrs Sidibé Aïssata Cissé

After graduating from the Institute of Business Law in France and then from the ENA in Bamako (1973), Mrs Sidibé Aïssata Cissé was Minister of Public Health and Social Affairs (June 1986 – June 1988) and then Minister of Information ( June 1988 – June 1989). She was born on April 29, 1945 in Niono.


Mrs Diallo Lalla Sy

Born on 2 March 1946 in Koulikoro, Mrs Diallo Lalla Sy, psychopedagogist, holds a doctorate in education. She was Minister of Employment and the Civil Service from June 1988 to March 1991. Ms. Diallo Lalla Sy is the promoter of the ECOVIE School Complex (pre-school, basic and secondary education).

The Late Mrs Sy Maïmouna Ba

Born in Macina in March 1948, Mrs Sy Maïmouna Ba holds a PhD in Rural Economy. She served as Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment (July 1991 to May 1992) as Minister of Rural Development and Environment (April – July 1991).

Mrs  Sy Oumou Louise Sidibé

Born in Kita in 1947, Oumou Louise Sidibé graduated from Ensup de Bamako (Specialty Letters, 1970). She left the Public Service in 1987 under the Voluntary Retirement Program to start her own private school group “Les Castors”, Mrs. Sy Oumou Louise Sidibé became Minister of Public Health, Social Action and Women’s Promotion (April to July 1991).

Mrs Diakité Fatoumata N’Diaye

Holder of a postgraduate degree in civil law, Ms. Diakité Fatoumata N’Diaye has served as a minister on several occassions.  Minister of Public Health, Social Action and Women’s Promotion (July – December 1991), Deputy Secretary General of the Government (1992-1993), Commissioner, with the rank of Minister, for the Advancement of Women (1993), Minister of Health, the Elderly and Solidarity (September 1997), Minister of Social Development, Solidarity and the Elderly (February 2000 to April 2002). She was appointed Mediator of the Republic of Mali, (April 2002 – April 2009), Secretary General of the Government with the rank of Minister (April 2009 – January 2017). Born in Bamako in April 1954, she is currently the Ambassador of Mali in Tunisia.

Dr Mariama Suzanne Maïga

Born in 1956 in Segou and holder of a PhD in Medicine and a DEA in Public Health (Pierre-Marie University of Paris), Dr Mariama Suzanne Maïga was Minister in the government of the Transition, appointed to the post Secretary of State for Social Action and Women’s Advancement (December 1991 – May 1992). She is the 2nd woman promoted Secretary of State.

Ms Fatou Haïdara


Ms. Fatou Haïdara is the youngest ever minister in Mali.  When she joined the government in June 1992 as Minister of Employment and Vocational Training (June 1992 – April 1993), she was 30 years old. She holds a Master’s Degree in Economics, specializing in Business Management, and was appointed Minister of Crafts and Tourism (November 1993 – October 1994). Then Fatou Haïdara was promoted Minister of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (September 1997 – February 2000).

Mrs Diallo Fatoumata Camara 

Born on 22 November 1949, Ms Diallo Fatoumata Camara holds a PhD in Education Sciences. Secretary of State for Basic Education (June 1992-April 1993), she is the 3rd woman Secretary of State. Then, she became Minister of Basic Education (April – November 1993). Fatoumata Camara then headed the multifunctional women’s complex, the Aoua Kéïta Center in the late 1990s.

Mrs Sy Kadiatou Sow

Named Governor of the district of Bamako, a first in Mali, Mrs Sy Kadiatou Sow is also the only woman to serve as minister of Foreign Affairs, Malians of the Exterior and African Integration (February – October 1994); Urban Planning and Housing (October 1994 – February 2000). She is the president of the Adema-Association and the Platform “An tè, A banna. Do not touch my Constitution “. Born on 7 March 1955 in Nioro du Sahel, Mrs Sy Kadiatou Sow holds a Master’s degree in Modern Letters and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Law.

Aminata Dramane Traoré

Aminata Dramane Traoré, born 26 July 1947 in Bamako, Minister of Culture and Tourism (September 1997 – February 2000) holds a PhD in Social Psychology. Co-author of several books on development issues, she has also created several structures dedicated to Malian and African know-how: the restaurant “Le Djenné” (1989), the San Toro Crafts Center (1993) and the Amadou Hampathé Ba Research and Training Center (1994).

Mrs Diarra Afoussatou Thiero

Member of the Constitutional Court of Mali (2008 – 2015), the magistrate, Mrs. Diarra Afoussatou Thiero has served in several courts across the country and in the National Directorate of Penal Affairs. Born on April 10, 1949 in Kita, she graduated with a Masters in Legal Studies. She was the first Executive Secretary of CAFO, created in October 1991. In March 2006, she was one of 25 African women appointed to the African Union Women’s Committee. She was Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family from September 1997 to June 2002.

Mrs Ascofaré Ouleymatou Tamboura

Born on August 27, 1955 in Bamako, Ms Ascofaré Ouleymatou Tamboura is a graduate of Psycho-pedagogy (Ensup de Bamako, 1982). She was appointed Minister of Communications in September 1997 and resigned from the government in June 2001. Ms. Ascofaré also served two consecutive terms as a Member of Parliament (2002-2013) elected in Teninkou. She is a founding member of PDES (2010 -May 2017).  She is a founding member and vice-president of another party, the MC-ATT.

Mrs Touré Alimata Traoré

Born on November 14, 1948 in San, Ms. Touré Alimata Traoré occupied the position of Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport (February 2000-June 2002). She was CEO of Sonatam and Huicoma. She also served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac-Mali, 2009-2016). Mrs Touré Alima Traoré holds a Master’s Degree in Economics (ENA from Bamako) and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Banking.

Dr Traoré Fatoumata Nafo

Dr. Traoré Fatoumata Nafo, born on November 10, 1958 in Dia (Cercle of Teninkou), was Minister of Health (February 2000 – October 2002) and cumulatively Minister of Social Development, Solidarity and the Elderly (April-June 2002). She is the Executive Director of the Global Malaria Program since June 2012. She was WHO representative in Congo Brazzaville (February 2006 – December 2007) and Ethiopia (2007-2012). She is a member of the Board of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).

Mrs Zakyatou Oualett Halantine

Minister of Crafts and Tourism (February 2000 – June 2002) Ms. Zakyatou Oualett Halantine, born September 15, 1956 in Goundam, holds a Master of Science in Industrial Technology. She left the government on 14 June 2002 and moved back to the private sector through a craft manufacturing company. In January 2012, she joined forces with the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) and traveled through the European capitals, actively defending the Tuareg cause.

Mrs Bouaré Fily Sissoko

The Commissioner in charge of the Department of Energy Development, Telecommunications, Crafts and Tourism of WAEMU, Mrs. Bouaré Fily Sissoko, has sat twice in the government. First appointed Minister of State and Land Affairs (February 2000) before joining the Communication portfolio after the resignation of Mrs. Ascofaré (June 2001 – June 2002). Then, she became Minister of the Economy and Finance (September 2013 – January 2015). Born on 22 August 1955 in Dakar, she holds a BA in Economics and a DEA in Development Law.

Mrs. N’Diaye Fatoumata Coulibaly, born on 17 April 1954 died on 18 July 2010 in Bamako. She served as Minister of Social Development, Solidarity and the Elderly (June 2002 – May 2004). She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and has also worked on several Education projects, including international organizations such as USAID, Save the Children, Care International Mali, Amasef / Fawe and Alliance Afrique in Mali.

Mrs Bâ Odette Yattara

Born in 1944 in Gao, Mrs Bâ Odette Yattara holds a Masters Degree in Psycho-pedagogy and Education Sciences. She was Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family from June to October 2002. She was also in charge of girls’ education and training for women in the Ministry of Education (1999) the Advisory Committee on Linguistic Pluralism and Multilingual Education of UNESCO.

Mrs Kéïta Rokiatou N’Diaye

The first Malian woman to hold a postgraduate doctorate in geography, Kéïta Rokiatou N’Diaye is also the first Malian Geography teacher of higher education, first and only female Director of Cabinet (1992 to 1994) of the President of the Republic Alpha O Konare, of which she was also Special Adviser (1994-1996). Minister of Health (October 2002-May 2004) Ms. Kéïta Rokiatou N’Diaye was an ADEMA-Pasj activist until 2001. She is also a founding member and one of the Honorary Presidents of the RPM, the presidential party. Born on 26 February 1938 in Bamako, she was Counselor to President Modibo Kéïta from 1966 to 1968.  She is a member of the National Commission for Scientific and Technical Research.

Mrs Berthé Aïssata Bengaly

Mrs Berthé Aïssata Bengaly, born on March 20, 1957 in Koutiala, holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family (October 2002 – June 2005), she was subsequently appointed Artisan and Tourism Minister (September 2013 – January 2015). Currently she is pursuing her research activities in nutrition to improve culinary recipes.

Mrs Diallo M’Bodji Sène 

Statistical engineer Mrs Diallo M’Bodji Sène born July 1952 in Bamako, was appointed Delegate Minister for Employment and Professional Promotion (November – May 2004), confirmed as titular minister of the same department (May 2004 – June 2005), she became Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family (June 2005 – October 2007). The only woman appointed as Minister Delegate in Mali spent most of her professional career with the National Directorate of Statistics and Informatics from 1975 to 1991. From November 2011 to August 2013 she chaired the Board of Management of the Council of Telecommunication Regulation (CRT) which became AMRTP in 2011.

Lawyer Fanta Sylla

The first woman lawyer and the sole Baroness of the Bar Association of Mali (1998 to 2004) and then promoted Minister of Justice (May 2004 – October 2007) was born on 11 December 1954 in Ségou. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, a Certificate in Private Law and a DEA in International Public and Private Relations.

Mrs Maïga Zeïnab Mint Youba

Holder of a Doctorate in Medicine, Mrs Maïga Zeïnab Mint Youba was born on November 30, 1955 in Bamba (Bourem Circle, Gao). A militant and leader of the RPM Women’s Movement, she joined the government in May 2004, as Minister of Health until October 2007. From 2008 to 2011, she served as head of mission to the President’s Office and then special advisor to date.

Mrs Diarra Aminata Sidibé

Minister of State Properties and Land Affairs of Mali, (May 2004 – October 2007) Mrs. Diarra Aminata Sidibé was Ambassador of Mali in the FRG with under her jurisdiction Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland (October 2000 – May 2004). Born in 1954, she holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics. Ms. Diarra Aminata Sidibé was in charge of the Chief Coordination of the Public Finance Reform Support Cell (2011-2014). She is currently the President of the Civil Aviation Board of Directors (Anac-Mali).

Mrs Lansry Nana Yaya Haïdara

Mrs Lansry Nana Yaya Haidara was appointed Commissioner of Food Security with the rank of Minister (July 2008 – June 2011). She led the Commissariat for Food Security (attached to the President’s Office) since its creation in May 2004. Born on 4 September 1952 in Timbuktu, she holds a Master of Science in Animal Reproduction, a postgraduate degree in Pastoral Planning integrated in the Sahel and a Diploma in Applied Sciences (Breeding Specialty).

Mrs Ba Hawa Kéïta

Professor of German, Tourism Administrator and holder of a Master’s Degree in German,
Mrs. Ba Hawa Kéïta was appointed Minister of Employment and Vocational Training in June 2005. She left the government on October 3, 2007, to become, a few months later, Ambassador of Mali in Senegal (2008-2011) and then in the FRG (2011 -2015). Born on October 20, 1952 in Kayes, she was Director General of the Malian Tourist and Hotel Agency (Omatho).

Mrs Diallo Madeleine Ba

Ms. Diallo Madeleine Ba was Minister of Livestock and Fisheries (October 2007- April 2011) and Minister of Health (April 2011 – March 22, 2012). Born on 16 October 1951 in Mopti, she holds a Masters Degree in Economics.

Mrs Ba Fatoumata Nènè Sy

Born on July 3, 1959 in Kayes, Mrs Ba Fatoumata Nènè Sy, Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce (October 2007 – April 2008), holds a Masters Degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance. She spent most of her career took in the International Financial Institutions and as a consultant outside Mali.

Mrs Sidibé Aminata Diallo

Born in November 1956 in Bamako, Ms. Sidibé Aminata Diallo holds a Doctorate in Planning and Urban Planning. The first Malian woman to seek the supreme magistracy transformed her association, REDD (Rally for Sustainable Development Education) into a political party to run as a candidate in the 2007 presidential election. She became the Minister of Basic Education, Literacy and National Languages (October 2007 – April 2009). Currently, she devotes herself to intellectual and political activities and participates in the various activities of women leaders.

Mrs Maïga Sina Damba

Born on November 16, 1957 in Nioro du Sahel, Ms. Maïga Sina Damba holds a Masters in Legal Studies. She was appointed Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family (October 2007 – April 2011) and was Director General of the Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment – APEJ (October 2012 – 2014). Ms. Maïga Sina Damba is a member of the Executive Committee of the CNID-Fyt. The president and founder of the Association for Support to Training and Development (AFAD) devotes the bulk of her professional activities to the training of women in rural communities.

Mrs Diarra Mariam Flantié Diallo

Minister of Communication and New Technologies (October 2007 – March 2011) Mrs Diarra Mariam Flantié Diallo was born on 28 June 1955 in Mopti. She holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking Techniques and Financial Management. Following her ministerial duties, she returned to the African Development Bank where she had been serving since 1986.

Mrs Gakou Salamata Fofana


Ms. Gakou Salamata Fofana, the first woman Civil Engineer (Building) in Mali and the former president of the AFIMA (Association of Women Engineers of Mali), served as Minister of Housing, Lands and Urban Planning (October 2007 – March 2011). Born in 1956 in Kayes, she holds a diploma in applied sciences. Currently, she is also president of the APEP (Agency for the Promotion of Private Enterprises).

Mrs Diabaté Fatoumata Guindo

Armed with a Master’s degree in business administration, Mrs Diabaté Fatoumata Guindo, born 28 June 1973 in Sévaré (Mopti), is the Secretary General of the RND party. She was Minister for Relations with the Institutions, Spokesperson of the Government from October 2007 to April 2011.

Mme Siby Ginette Bellegarde

The current Director-General of the African Institute of Technologies and Management (ITMA) was Minister of Secondary, Higher and Scientific Research (April 2009 – April 2011) and then Minister of Higher Education and Scientific research (April 2011 – March 2012). Born on 25 January 1949 in Martinique (French overseas department), the former Rector of the University of Bamako holds a PhD in Metallurgy, a DEA in Physical Metallurgy and a Master’s Degree in chemistry.

Mrs Sangaré Niamoto Ba


The Minister of Industry, Investments and Trade (April 2011 – March 2012) Mrs Sangaré Niamoto Ba holds a Masters degree in Economics, Option Management. Born on April 22, 1955 in Bamako, she spent more than twenty years of her career at the National Directorate of Economic Affairs (DNAE), which became the National Directorate for Trade and Competition (DNCC) in 2000.

Born June 28, 1953 in San (Region of Ségou), Dr Konaré Mariam Kalapo, Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family (April 2011 – February 2012) holds a Doctorate in Hospital Sciences and Social medicine. She was also Director General of the Institute for Studies and Research in Geronto-Geriatrics (Maison des Aînés, 2005-2010) and then General Director of the National Agency for Health Care (ANAM). Dr Konaré Mariam Kalapo has been a member of the International Association of Women Leaders since 1993 and an international staff member at the WHO (World Health Organization).

Mrs Dandara Touré

Ms Dandara Touré was Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family (16 February – 22 March 2012) for only 34 days following the coup d’etat perpetrated on 22 March 2012. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Public Health, specialty nutrition. She was born on 1 October 1951 in Kita. Professor of Biology and a researcher, she worked in the representations of the various international organizations in Mali.

Mrs Traoré Rokiatou  Guikiné 

Minister of Malians of the Exterior and African Integration (April – December 2012) Mrs. Traoré Rokiatou Guikiné was born on June 23, 1953 in Toukoto (Circle of Kita). She holds a Masters Degree in Economics and spent most of her administrative career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was Mali’s Ambassador to Gabon (2003-2009) with under her jurisdiction all the 9 other countries of Central Africa.

Mrs Alwata Ichata Sahi,

Born on 27 March 1961 in Gao Mrs. Alwata Ichata Sahi, Minister of Women, Children and , Promotion of the Family (April 2012 – September 2013) holds a Master’s Degree in English. President of the Women’s Co-operative for Education, Family Health and Sanitation (COFESFA) from 1993 to 1998, she was Regional Secretary of the Pan African Women’s Organization (OPF) in West Africa (1998-2007 ). The former municipal councilor (1995-2002) of the ADEMA-Pasj in Commune II of Bamako, remains very active in the women’s associations and the protection of the environment.

Mrs Diallo Fadima Touré

Born in Ségou in 1952, Ms. Diallo Fadima Touré is Minister of Crafts, Culture and Tourism from April to December 2012 holds a Masters Degree in Economics, a Diploma in Municipal Finance Management and a Diploma in Organizational Management. She has published numerous articles in specialized journals such as “Finance and Development” of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She is the Vice-President of SNC-Lavalin International Inc., a Montreal-based Canadian engineering and infrastructure group.

Dr Diallo Déidia Mahamane Kattra

Holding a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Dr Diallo Déidia Mahamane Kattra held the positions of Minister of Labor, Employment and Vocational Training (August-December 2012), Minister of Employment and Vocational Training (December 2012 – September 2013). Born in 1957 in Timbuktu, she is the owner of the pharmacy group “Les Hirondelles” and was president of the Association “Inter ordre pharmacist africain” (1998-2002). Dr Diallo Déidia Mahamane Kattra was also an influential member of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists of Mali. She is engaged in the activities of the Collective of Nationals of the North (COREN).

Mme Diané Mariame Koné

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries (December 2012 – September 2013), Mrs. Diané Mariame Koné was born on 26 August 1953 in Ségou. A biologist, Mrs Diané was Director of the Center for Practical Training in Livestock (1991-1994), Coordinator of the Support Project for the Advancement of Women (1997-2001) and Director of the National Center for Documentation and Information on Women and the child (2004 to 2010).

Mrs Sangaré Oumou Ba

Born on 15 February 1947 in Bamako, Ms Sangaré Oumou Ba, Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family (September 2013 – April 2017) holds a Master’s Degree in English, a Diploma in linguistics and language teaching, a postgraduate degree in education administration and a Certificate of Studies on Women. She was President of the National Bureau of Women of the RPM (2001-2013), Member of the National Assembly (2002 – 2007) and President of the Association of the Action Group for the Empowerment of Women, Child Protection and the Protection of the Environment (GAFEPE).

Mrs Togola  Jacqueline Marie Nana 

Born on 29 April 1949 in Sikasso, Mrs Togola  Jacqueline Marie Nana holds a Master’s Degree in Letters (Ensup de Bamako, 1975). Professor of general secondary education, Mrs Togola was appointed in May 2006 as a member of the Higher Communication Council (then one of the press regulators), she was elected president of this structure in 2009, following the death of President Moussa Keita. She assumed her responsibilities until her appointment as Minister of National Education (September 2013 to January 2015). A few months later, Togola Jacqueline Nana was elected MP in a partial legislative election in the Commune V of Bamako, following the death of his party comrade Feu Oumou Simbo Kéïta. The former Minister of Education leads an intense associative life, notably within the CAFO of which she is the president of the Cell of KalabanCoura in Commune V.

Mrs Diarra Raky Talla

Relations with Public Institutions since January 2015 was born on August 15, 1966 in Bamako. She holds a Masters Degree in Private Law and a DESS in Transport Law. She is Deputy Secretary General of the Um-Rda National Political Bureau and General Secretary of the Women’s Movement of that party.

Mrs N’Diaye Ramatoulaye Diallo 

Holder of several diplomas including a Bachelor of Arts Communication and Marketing, an MA in Marketing and Advertising and a Certificate in Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence Mrs N’Diaye Ramatoulaye Diallo is Minister of Culture since 7 July 2016. Previously, she was Minister of Culture (April 2014 – January 2015) and then Minister of Culture, Crafts and Tourism (January 2015 – July 2016). Ms. N’Diaye Ramatoulaye Diallo, a member of the National Political Bureau of the RPM, headed a communications consultancy agency, Starcom, from 1998 until her accession to the government.

Mrs Sanogo Aminata Mallé

The current Secretary General of the Government with the rank of Minister since January 9, 2017 was Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Keeper of the Seals (September 2015 – July 2016). Born in 1957 in M’Pessoba (Cercle de Koutiala), Ms. Sanogo Aminata Mallé holds a Masters degree in legal sciences, judicial option and a diploma of magistrate. She was Judge Advisor (2001-2007) and then President (2007-2009) at the Court of Justice of ECOWAS.

Mrs Marie Madeleine Togo

Holds a Doctorate in Medicine, a DES in Anesthesia and Resuscitation and a Diploma in Disaster Medicine, Marie Madeleine Togo held the post of Minister of Health (September 2015 – April 2017). Born on January 1, 1954 in Pel Maoudé (Koro Circle, Mopti Region), Dr. Marie Madeleine Togo headed the CHU Gabriel Touré from 1999 to 2004, then the Reference Health Center of Commune V of Bamako.

Pr Assétou Founé Samaké Migan.


Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research since July 2016, Pr Assétou Founé Samaké Migan was born in 1960 in San (Ségou). She holds a PhD in Biological Sciences, a specialty in Plant Genetics / Varietal Improvement and a Specialization Diploma in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture. The professor-researcher at the University is co-founder and scientific coordinator of the Institute for Research and Promotion of Alternatives in Development. (IRPAD, 2006-2009), founder and program manager at the African Institute of Food and Sustainable Development (2009-2011). Assétou Founé Samaké Migan is also General Secretary of the Center for Studies and Reflection in Mali (CERM).

Mrs Traoré Seynabou Diop



Minister of Infrastructure since April 2017, Mrs Traoré was also Minister of Equipment, and Transport (July 2016- April 2017). Born on 16 November 1963 in Bamako, she holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Option (ENI of Bamako, 1986), a DUTS in Computer Science (St-Petersburg, Russia 1994) and of a DUTS in Finance and Accounting (IUG, Bamako, 1997). In November 2014, she was the first Malian woman to whom the Université de Québec in Montreal awarded the accreditation of manager specialized in procurement.

Mrs Kéïta Aïda M’Bo 

Born in 1958 in Villepinte, France, Ms. Kéïta Aïda M’Bo holds a Master’s degree in Law (University of Reims Champagne in France, 1985) and a Master’s Degree in Development Management (Mandé Bukari University in Bamako, 2011. She has several years’ experience in the field of environment and sustainable development through the various positions she has held at UNDP Mali. Ms. Kéïta Aïda M’Bo was successively Program Officer (2001-2004), Program and Environment Adviser and then Assistant to the UNDP Mali Resident Representative before her entry into the Government on July 7, 2016. Ms. Kéïta Aïda M ‘Bo is the president of the Energia / Mali Network and a member of several organizations, including the Malian Association of Environmental Impact.

Mme Nina Walett Intallou

The only female member of the MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad) Executive, Nina Walett Intallou, holder of a Masters degree in Public Law and a diploma in general accounting, has been Minister for Crafts and Tourism since July 2016. She was the first vice-president of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (October 2015- July 2016), elected municipal (1999) and first deputy mayor of Essouk. She sat on the High Council of Communities (1999-2001) in the Kidal Region. She is the president of the organization of the cultural festival ” Nuit Saharienne ”.

Mrs Ly Taher Dravé 

Born in 1972, Mrs Ly Taher Dravé Minister of Livestock and Fisheries since 11 April 2017, holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting Management, a University Degree in Accounting Studies and a Diploma in accounting and financial reporting. Accountant with twenty years of international experience, Ms. Ly Taher Dravé is also a Judicial Expert. She is the President of the Soroptimist International Mali “Club Lumière de Bamako”.

Mrs Oumou Touré

A militant and emblematic figure of women’s organizations in Mali, Oumou Touré, known as “Oumou CAFO”, is the Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family since April 11, 2017. Holder of a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, a Master’s degree in language teaching In and ntercultural and sociological approach, a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and social anthropology and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, Ms. Oumou Toure is engaged in the struggle for the advancement of women . She was elected Executive Secretary of the Coordination of Mali Women’s NGOs and NGOs (CAFO) and became its President in 2008. In 1995, she created a community development NGO called Woïyo Kondeye (Songhai) “Space for Reflection and Mutual Aid with Women “.