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South Africa: The Boxing Grannies of Cosmo City


In South Africa, in the township of Cosmo City, the local boxing club has new recruits: women aged 65 to 85 years train there twice a week. An initiative launched by the association A-Team, which offers sporting activities in the city’s recreation center where the boxing grannies and their coach have become local celebrities.

Some of them arrive at training using walk sticks to help them get around. Amongst the grannies, some have diabetes, one has had a stroke and another has survived breast cancer.

Their instructor Claude Maphosa calls for the public to support the elderly, “They need your support whenever you see them and encourage them.”

Located in the suburbs of Johannesburg, crime is a prominent issue in Cosmo City, with incidences of murder, robbery, theft of motor vehicles and hijacking.   The boxing sessions will enable the grandmothers to protect themselves.