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Togo: African CSOs Calls for Constitutional Reform


Eight African civil society organizations mobilized and signed a joint declaration to support the Togolese opposition’s struggle for constitutional reforms and the departure of President Faure Gnassimbe in power since 2005.

The Balaye Citoyen in Burkina Faso, Iyina in Chad, Y’en A Marre in Senegal Senegal are now associated with the mobilization.

Fadel Barro, the coordinator of the Senegalese citizen movement, called on the international community, and in particular ECOWAS, whose president-in-office, Faure Gnassingbé (Togo), to support the democratic aspirations expressed and to prevent a possible conflagration.

“The international community has a role to play in this. Instead of being in neutral postures, or even coming to play firefighters, it can precisely prevent this conflagration. The international community in this case must express itself clearly not to encourage regimes of this kind like what is happening in the DRC or in Brazzaville. Wherever only people by the will of their clan want to impose a forfeiture, the international community often has very timid reactions. I believe that this is the moment for the international community, especially ECOWAS and also the Francophonie, to take all the responsibilities to get President Faure Gnassingbe to make the right decisions. It is time for the ECOWAS to mark a strong act. I do not see how Faure, who cannot solve an institutional crisis at home, can continue to be the president of ECOWAS. “

For Ghislain Muhiwa, a spokesman for the Congolese Lucha organization, this mobilization of the Togolese opposition is part of a current that crosses all the peoples of Africa: “Today, in Africa, people have become conscious and increasingly demanding. I believe that African leaders should adapt to this, not to consider that we still have this people who once resigned themselves to the problems of their country, which was inactive.  They must consider that henceforth we have a people who are conscious of their rights, ready to claim, ready to give as much sacrifice, provided that freedom can be restored, that human dignity can be respected. That is what is being seen in Togo, and I believe that it will be in all the countries where the presidents will try to want to linger in power as in the Congo where Joseph Kabila is now trying to find all the possible means to hang on to power. This must be an example to show that the Congolese people too, like the Togolese people, the Burkinabe people, will really rise to claim their rights and we believe that this people is capable of snatching the power.