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Bamako: Two Mother Beggars Seek to Ensure a Decent Return to School for Their Children


The school holidays will end in a few weeks.  The school year 2017-2018 is on the horizon and it is difficult for many parents, especially the most disadvantaged. Students will soon be on their way to school after three months of rest. Preparations are already underway and many heads of families, the least well off, do not hide their fears due to economic difficulties.

Like any parent, Massaran and Sali are in charge of ensuring an honorable school opening for their children. Their peculiarity is their daily activity: begging. Aged 40, Massaran is the mother of five children, including three students.  A beggar, she tells us how she prepares for the new school year.

“My husband is working with a rickshaw. It is not obvious that he takes charge of us and faces the school expenses of the children. Every year, I manage to get my children to go to school. Before I spent all day at the edge of the tar, but since my son advised me, I changed methods. I walk from door to door to beg. I buy little by little my children’s supplies with what I earn, “she reveals.

Physically handicapped, she recognizes that it is difficult. But, she remains optimistic about getting the registration fees, supplies and school uniforms for her three children.

In Magnambougou, Sali Coulibaly is the guide of her physically handicapped spouse. The lady expresses sorrow in her inability to prepare for the return to school of their children. “Since I have been aware that it is soon back to school, I am no longer quiet, because I do not know how to buy the supplies of my children. I have never been to school, I am accompanying my husband today to beg and I do not want my children to be like me. That’s why I manage to cope with my children’s school expenses. “

The re-entry is scheduled for October 2, 2017.

Source: Niarela.Net