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“What happened”, Hillary Clinton’s book to turn the 2016 page


In the United States, Hillary Clinton gave her first television interview on Sunday, September 10 since his defeat in the presidential election last November. The former Democratic candidate is starting a tour to promote her book, What happened, and it is obvious that she is still very shocked, almost stunned, by her failure in the face of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton admits that it is still difficult for her to cash in her surprise defeat in the 2016 presidential against Donald Trump. Although she has fulfilled certain obligations, she has mainly sought refuge in her home, walking in the surrounding woodsand enjoying a few glasses of wine.

Writing about her defeat does not necessarily make her more sympathetic to the eyes of an audience, which she admits to having misunderstood. She thus regrets having led a traditional campaign, when Donald Trump understood better what the Americans were waiting for, and how to deliver his message.

Despite his rude behavior, unsustainable promises and lack of political experience, he captivated and captured voters. “A reality show led to the election of a president. Then he arrives in the Oval office and he says, “Guys, it’s a lot more complicated than I thought. I had no idea how hard it is.” Well, yes, because it’s not a show, it’s reality. “

She believes that thequickly abandoned investigation, on the use of her private email has been fatal. And then, American society may just not be ready to elect a female president, admits the former Democratic candidate: “I started the campaign knowing that I will have to work even more to get women and men to accept the idea of ​​having a woman president.”

She asserts that she no longer has a presidential ambition. Her return to the media is no less perilous for the Democratic Party, also left bloodless after this election, and now seemingly wanting to turn the Clintonpage.

Source: RFI