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Niger Floods: At least 7 dead and 12 wounded


At least seven people were killed and 12 others injured in recent floods following torrential rains in southern Niger, the Niger news agency ANP reported on Wednesday.

Maradi, 685 km southeast of Niamey, continues to record torrential rains. These rains, so desired, are not without consequences on infrastructures through floods reported here and there. A few days ago, the city had recorded 230 mm of rain in one week, according to the ANP.

According to the Permanent Regional Secretary of the National Directorate for the Prevention and Management of Crisis, Mani Issoufou, these torrential rains caused loss of life and material damage both in the Region and its Departments.

The provisional balance sheet prepared by the competent authorities, reported 7 deaths, 12 injured and more than 1,765 households affected. The number of collapsed houses is 11,968. Some socio-educational infrastructures are not spared, notably the Integrated Health Centers (ITCs), mosques and schools.

As immediate solutions, Mani Issoufou announced that already displaced households are relocated to schools. He also stated that, with regard to the urgent measures to be taken to deal with the situation at the moment, the Permanent Regional Secretariat “will continue to raise awareness among populations still living in risk areas and Municipalities that sell plots in flood-prone areas “.

Source : le Niger dans le web