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Malaria: A New Experimental Drug in Mali


A new curative pill is currently being tested on malaria patients in Mali. The initiative comes from the Swiss pharmaceutical Novartis.

KAF156, is the name given to this experimental drug which is administered in combination with another treatment. In the coming months, nearly 500 children and adults from 9 countries in Africa and Asia will experience this new treatment. The marketing phase was planned beyond 2021, but it may start sooner.

This research on the new drug comes at a time when strains of plasmodium (germs causing malaria) resistant to Artemisinin, Novartis’ most effective drug against malaria, have appeared in five Asian countries.

“Having parasites that are already resistant to our medications is a concern. We must anticipate and resolve this before we reach a stage where we lose the effectiveness of our products because of resistance presented on a large scale, “said Vas Narasimha, Head of the Drugs Department of the group headquartered in Basel.

Beyond the public health concerns, the group does not want to lose income in a market where the endemic situation of malaria leads to a quasi-permanent treatment.

Source: Le Combat