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The Network of Women Councilors of Mali Develop a Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development of Municipalities


The Network of Women Municipal Councilors (REFCOM) held a capacity-building workshop for elected municipal women at the Aoua Kéïta Center from August 14 to 18, 2017.

Funded by USAID, the workshop provided the Network of Women Councilors of Mali with a 5 year strategic plan to strengthen the capacity of its members to improve the living conditions of populations and support the State in the process of reconstruction, peace and national reconciliation.

The workshop was attended by some 50 women (councilors, representatives of the network of young women leaders from political parties and civil society organizations). The president of the network, Djiré Mariam Diallo, elected mayor of Commune 3 welcomed the participants’ commitment and stressed certain difficulties in which the mayors are hindered in the exercise of their functions.

These include poor mobilization of financial resources, a demand for basic social services outstripping supply, a lack of civic responsibility among the population and a crisis of confidence between elected representatives and the population. Obstacles that hinder the development mission of our elected representatives in the municipalities. To meet these challenges, REFCOM, through its strategic plan, proposes to carry out some advocacy actions resulting from the recommendations of its national workshop.

These actions relate to the implementation of Law 2015/052 introducing measures for the promotion of gender in nominative and elective functions, support for the new dynamics of decentralization with citizens’ awareness of the payment of TDRL, Contribution to transparency and accountability by monitoring the financing of decentralization reform, gender budgeting, gender mainstreaming in the reform implementation process, the security sector and the DDR process, legal and legislative support for the issue of gender-based violence, and information and awareness-raising on new forms of threat.

To better carry out its mission, the network counts on the accompaniment and the support of the authorities and donors.

Source: Mali web.Net