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  1. The master asks Digbeu: “2 – 1 = how much? “.
    Digbeu answers: “2”. Very furious and curious, the master asks the question differently: “your mother keeps 2 foutou; Séry, your little brother, eats 1 foutou. How much foutou is left? “

Digbeu replied again: “2”.
The master asked him why?
Digbeu said: “Sery has no heart to eat my foutou.”

  1. A man was observing his marriage certificate for four hours. His intrigued wife asks him: “but darling why you look at the marriage certificate like that? What are you looking for? ”
    The husband answers: “I am looking for the expiry date of the marriage”
  1. Toto climbed to the top of a tree with his notebooks and books.

His parents Ask: “But what are you doing here?”
Toto answers: “I am studying for higher education!”

  1. The Angry Father Said:
    – But have you seen your notes, Toto! It’s a shame. I would like to
    know if your boyfriend Ernest goes home with 0s and 5s out of 20 on
    His notebook …
    – No, but it’s different, his parents are intelligent …