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Italy threatens to issue EU visas to 200 000 migrants


Italy has threatened to issue 200,000 temporary visas to migrants who have arrived in its territory so that they can travel anywhere in the EU. This option is described as nuclear in a context where Italy believes that other European countries are not doing enough to support the migratory flow on its soil.

Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is furious because he believes that European neighbors have renounced their commitment to take quotas of migrants. The Italians plan to use the little-known EU directive, which was drafted after the Balkan conflict and which allows displaced persons to temporarily enter Europe, reports The Times.

Gentiloni is threatening to use this directive to allow 200,000 migrants to leave Italy while the country is struggling to cope with its high number of refugees, especially from Libya.  Deputy Foreign Minister Mario Giro and Senator Luigi Manconi of the ruling Democratic Party confirmed to the Times that the controversial solution was being considered. MattiaToaldo, senior analyst at the European External Relations Council, told the Times that “If migrants continue to arrive and Italy decides to give them documents to cross borders, it will be a nuclear option.”

Directive 2001/55 of the European Council was drawn up after the Balkan conflict to provide temporary entry permits for a large number of displaced persons

Source: Intellivoire