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Festival of Avignon: Africa and women featured from July 6 to 26


More feminine, very African: the 71st edition of the Festival d’Avignon, the main event of theater and performing arts in France, offers 41 shows from 6 to 26 July, 37 percent of which focus on women and sub-Saharan Africa.

A Small Selection

Buddhist Antigone: After an enchanting “Mahabharata” three years ago in Boulbon’s career, Japanese Satoshi Miyagi proposes an “Antigone” penetrated with Buddhist thought in the Court of Honor, away from the Christian vision of good and evil. A stage of water will cover the scene and a theater of shadow will spread out on the wall of the palace of the popes. Visual poetry assured.

The children of rape: In “Unwanted”, DorothéeMunyaneza tackles a painful taboo: the children born of rape in Rwanda. Through dance, speech and music, she restores the dignity of the bodies of the women on whomit was a battlefield of war.

It is the struggle … Hugo, Condorcet, Lamartine and many others will resonate in the soap opera concocted by the former Minister of Justice and French political figure, Christiane Taubira, with the director Anne-Laure Liégeois, At the JardinCeccano in the open air.

Frank Castorf’s Theater XXL: The terrible child of the European theater leaves the Volksbühne of Berlin with a crash and chooses to explore the conflict between the artist and power with “Le Roman de Monsieur de Molière” according to the Russian Mikhail Bulgakov, with the excesses that are known to him.

From Sarajevo to Athens: The siege of Sarajevo in 1992 and the Greek crisis inhabit the last two pieces of the European trilogy of Julia Bertin’s Birgit Ensemble and Jade Herbulot: “Memories of Sarajevo” and “In the ruins of Athens”.

Paris-Saigon: Caroline Guiela Nguyen, 34, born in a family of “Viet kieu” (Vietnamese from abroad) tells 40 years of Vietnamese history through the characters of a Vietnamese restaurant.

The Norwegian theater Henrik Ibsen continues to explore the cruelty of the family and the Australian director Simon Stone has invented, in the style of Georges Perec, a house in which each room Chapter of the life of a family, “The house of Ibsen”.

The rage of the “Bonnes” of Genet: The British Katie Mitchell gives Jean Genet’s “Les Bonnes” in Amsterdam today, where middle-class families employ black women from Eastern Europe. Today, the good ones are Polish, and “Madame” is a transvestite.

Emma Dante reveals the actor: Italian Emma Dante, who had touched the festival in 2014 with the Sicilian verve of “SorelleMacaluso”, launches a radical gesture with “Beasts of the stage”: no text, no Sets, no costumes, no music, but survival in a hostile environment, ours.

KalakutaRepublik: The Burkinabé Serge AiméCoulibaly left the utopian kingdom of the protesting musician FelaKuti in the suburbs of Lagos to choreograph a piece carried by “urgency” and “trance”, on politics today.

The Last King of Kakfontein: BoyzieCekwana, a major figure in South African dance born in Soweto, aims in his play for all populism, including in Trump America, with the fall of a tyrant, King of Kakfontein”, literally” fountain shit “.

Guy Cassiers: Double shot for the Belgian Guy Cassiers. He resumed in Védène “Le sec et l’humide”, after the essay by Jonathan Littell (“Les Bienveillantes”) on the language of the fascist Léon Degrelle, he created with the choreographer Maud Le Pladec “Grensgeval (Borderline) “On the tragedy of the refugees, according to” The Suppliants “of the Austrian and Nobel Prize of literature ElfriedeJelinek.

Marathon: Avignon would not be Avignon without his theatrical marathon. This year, the Italian Antonio Latella goes up “Sainte-Ecstasy – The Atrides: eight portraits of family”. Eight pieces, each of a different author, given four times a day, or sixteen hours of theater.

La Fiesta: It is certainly an atypical party that will be created by the choreographer Israel Galvan, who has deeply renewed the flamenco for twenty years, with a piece associating artists of Andalusia but also of Japan or Tunisia. The “Palmero” (hand percussion) will resonate in the Court of Honor from 16 to 23 July.

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