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The Nigerian Budget Is Gender Blind


The Executive Director of the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development, Otive  Igbuzor has described the Nigerian budget for 2016 and 2017 as gender blind.

In an interview with the women’s torch, during a one day workshop on lessons learnt on the budgetary process in Nigeria, organized last week in Abuja by the Engaged Citizen Pillars and Partnership to engage reform and learn, ECP/PERL, Otive  Igbuzor said the Country has not carried out a gender analysis of its budget for a long time.

Calling on all stakeholders to advocate for a more gender friendly budget, he added that in recurrent expenditure, more allocation should be given to areas  that will impact on the citizenry especially women.He said an ideal budget should have gender concerns and how to address them,

Otive  Igbuzor who is also a public affairs analyst said gender budgeting should particularly focus on education, health, agriculture and infrastructure. He called on the civil society organizations (CSOs) to educate the citizens on budget participation and the need to carry out effective gender budgeting.

Otive also called on the Government to be more open when developing policies policy and to strengthen partnerships with CSOs on budget preparation and on budgetary gender analysis.

Participant of the workshop looked at the process, content, implementation and audit of the 2016 budget and called on the media to do more on checks and balances on procurement process in the implementation of the budget.

Veronica Ogbole