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South Africa : President Zuma Survives AnotherNo-Confidence Vote


South Africa President Jacob Zuma defeated a no-confidence motion against him at a meeting of top officials of the ruling African National Congress party on Sunday, May 28.

Zuma is facing mounting pressure as ANC members, opposition parties and civil society following the sacking of finance minister PravinGordhanearlier in March, which has hit hard, the recovery of the struggling South African economy.

News24 said Zuma had survived a heated National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting that lasted late into the night.  According to News24, the meeting that started on Friday in the capital Pretoria as many as 70 party officials took part in the debate for and against the motion, and that the president had the support of most speakers.

Local news service Eye Witness News (EWN) said of the 72 participants who spoke about motion, 18 spoke in support and 54 against.

The ANC said earlier it would hold a media briefing today, Monday on the NEC meeting.

The ANC stood by Zuma at a similar meeting in November in a debate about whether he should step down.

Zuma is scheduled to step down from the ANC helm in December. His term as South African head of state runs until 2019.

Source: Reuters