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UN Security Council: Alpha Condé Demands Two Seats for Africa


On the sidelines of the celebration of the African Union (AU) Day on May 25, 2017, Guinean President Alpha Condé, the current President of the Pan-African Organization, demanded two seats for Africa in the the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

According to him, it is time to take into account the demographic, political and economic importance of the African continent, in order “to reconsider the role it can and must play on the international scene”.

At the same time, he stressed the need to address the issue of the reform of the UN Security Council in order to remedy the “injustice suffered by the African continent”. This reform, he said, should make it possible, among other things, to grant the “minimum of two seats of permanent members to Africa within the Security Council”.

The AU President recalled that this year, AU Day is celebrated in a “difficult context where part of the continent is affected by a severe drought, which has caused thousands of victims with severe collateral effects.” For him, Africa remains the continent most vulnerable to climate change, while it is the least polluting continent in the world. For example, Africa faces the multiple environmental consequences of climate change, such as the drying up of rivers, lakes and rivers. This causes natural disasters and has serious consequences for people and agriculture, he said.

President Alpha Condé has expressed his attachment to African integration, while affirming that the establishment of the Continental Free Trade Area is a necessity. “Together, we must participate in the realization of a united, prosperous and integrated Africa, both economically and politically, in a context of peace, security and guided by the noble ideals of Pan-Africanism,” he said. Clarifying that “the African Union, from Kigali, has assumed its responsibilities”.

These responsibilities relate to the financial empowerment of the Pan-African institution, with the recent adoption of 0.2% of funding for AU activities “When Africa speaks with one voice, it is listened to,” he said.

Referring to the progress made by Africa, he said that the AU had made great strides in creating an environment that would guarantee a better future for Africa. That is why “conflict prevention and the peaceful settlement of disputes through dialogue and mediation are crucial for achieving the goal of silence in Africa by 2020”.

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