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Guinea Celebrates 54th AfricaDay, 25 May


On the occasion of the celebration of Africa Day, the President of the Republic and Presidentof the African Union, Alpha Condemade a historical reminder of that it marks the birth of the Organization of African Unity (OAU)on 25 May 1963 in Addis Ababa, and devoted the greatest turning point in the modern history of our continent. Africa Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the significant progress made by the Hemisphere since the birth of the OAU.

According to the current chairman of the African Union, the institution can say that it is happy to have set up structures to implement the ambitions it has set itself. These structures include the Commission and the Peace and Security Council.  He said the African Union is working tirelessly with its partners to promote peace and security in the Hemisphere and around the world.

It is encouraging to note that the African Union has made great strides in developing an environment that will ensure a better future for Africa. Conflict prevention and the peaceful settlement of disputes through dialogue and mediation are crucial for achieving the goal of silence in Africa by 2020.

Africa is the youngest region in the world. Two out of three Africans are under the age of 25. This indicator is a major asset for fostering social and economic transformation across the continent. Youth access to health, quality education, empowerment and the fight against unemployment are a significant response to poverty and the use of this vulnerable segment of society by terrorist groups. There is also a need to involve civil society actors in a more meaningful way in raising awareness among young people of the dangers of radical discourse.

On the economic front, the adoption of Agenda 2063, which is “both a vision and a plan of action, is a call to action to all segments of African society to work together to build an Africa Prosperous and united, based on common values and a common destiny.”

In implementing this Agenda and its first 10-year plan, women and young people are key players. With regard to the young people who constitute the main wealth of the continent, a major challenge must be met. “This is why we dedicated the year 2017 to the theme:” Taking full advantage of the demographic dividend by investing in youth. .

According to the AU Chair, our Heads of State and Government fully appreciate the magnitude of the task of translating this agenda 2063 into concrete action. It was this commitment that led to the adoption of the historic decision of the Kigali Summit held in July 2016, affirming their determination to put in place an effective mechanism to finance this ambitious vision.

The rapid and rigorous application of this decision is no longer just a response to the financial emergency, it is also a question of credibility and assertion of African leadership. At the same time, in January 2017, the Heads of State and Government adopted a reform package based on the recommendations of President Paul Kagame’s report.

In view of the current and emerging challenges and having noted the current state of our organization, a reform of the institution has proved necessary to enable it to concentrate its action on priority areas with a continental scope. This reform will focus on a better division of labor between the organs of the Union, the Regional Economic Communities and the Member States. Immediate implementation of the Union’s financial reform will allow considerable autonomy to be achieved.

According to the current Chairman of the African Union, “to be credible, our pan-African institution can no longer rely on financial assistance from partners. It is time, great time, to take charge of funding our own ambitions and dreams ourselves.”

At the international level, it is also time to take into account the demographic, political and economic importance of our continent in order to reconsider the role it can and must play on the international scene.

Kadiatou Thierno Diallo