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Sikasso: Empowering women. The Positive Experience of Radio Clubs


The “friends club of Radio Kénédougou” in Sikasso, Mali, is largely dominated by the women of the city and the countryside. They are estimated at more than a thousand. Within the framework of the goal of women’s empowerment set for the year 2017, the women friends of Radio Kénédougou, initiated a week of activities called “Communication Week”.


“Radio for women and those who love them”, “feminine reality”, are the two slogans that Radio Kénédougou FM uses to conquer women and make this medium, a radio to which “women could identify”. Radio is about helping women to thrive through a program grid that reflects their concerns.

Programs deal with the day-to-day life of Sikasso women, maternal and child health, women’s rights, etc. These programs are open to women’s associations and groups on topics such as agriculture, functional literacy and women’s rights programs for women.

It was in celebration of the policy in favor of women, established by the government of Mali that the women friends of the radio initiated the week denominated “Communication Week”. This week saw several activities, including educational talk sessions on forced marriage, excision, child trafficking, gender-based violence, etc.

The official ceremony on April 28 saw a great mobilization of the women coming from the four corners of the locality. Training certificates on women’s literacy were handed out, some of which have distinguished themselves in radio programming on cultural and educational skills on empowerment and women’s rights. Tasting of African foods and a major recreational event ended the ceremony.

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