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Muscled Police Descent into Sogoniko Station


On the denunciation of an indicator, policemen heavily descended at the Sogoniko Station, in the early morning of Monday, May 22, 2017, seizing five gold detectors from passengers of Baní transport.

Around 03:00 in the morning of Monday 22 May police went to the Baní transport premises in Sogoniko, not far from the railway station, to seize five gold detectors from Ghana. At the departure of the bus driver and almost all the passengers of the convoy, the three young men who were in charge of watching the buses and transporting them to their final destination were waiting for the apprentice and bus driver before taking the road. It was at that moment that a police officer stopped them.

“After the departure of the drivers and bus passengers, the police disembarked and, without further notice, asked us to hand over the gold detection devices.  My friends and I wanted to understand why we should give them these devices. By way of answer, the officer began to search our luggage which he could not open, knowing that there are devices are inside, he decided to return with an impressive reinforcement of his colleagues and they transported the five machines, instructing us to follow them,” explains Daouda Fofana, one of the three people responsible for watching over the devices.

Another among the small group was less fortunate than Fofana because he refused to follow the police on the grounds that he did not commit any offense that earned him a police call. “You want the devices, take them away, but I will not follow you. They beat me, trampled me and threw me into their vehicle,” he said.

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Hawa Coulibaly, Intern