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‘No woman should die of childbirth’ – UNFPA Chief


The Executive Director of UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and UN Under-Secretary-General Prof. Babatunde Osotimehinhas said that it is no longer acceptable for a woman to die during childbirth.

The UNFPA chief urged Nigerians to hold government accountable as far as healthcare is concerne dadding that they should “insist that both local and state governments must deliver healthcare to them.”

“I have seen women die needlessly because they don’t have care and because they don’t get care.Prof. Osotimehin said it “is totally unacceptable” for a woman in labour to go into a healthcare centre and bleed to death.“Those are things that must not occur at all in the present day. These are not things we cannot prevent.”

The former Nigerian Minister of Health, regretted that the government had become disconnected from the people.  Calling on well-meaning individuals and organizations to come to governments’ aid, he added “we must take charge of our lives and of our people and I want us to all go back to our communities; make sure that we connect with our people.

Citing Rwanda’s drastic reduction of maternal mortality figures, he urged other African countries to learn from the country’s healthcare system. He further explained that maternal deaths in clinics are investigated.  If the death is related to negligence, the person(s) responsible is punished.

“Life is what we doctors are trained to preserve and to save.We lose patients not because we want to lose them but if you lose a patient because you are careless, then you must be punished,” he said.

According to him, Accountability, should be the watchword in healthcare delivery.

“There’s no reason why a child should die of malaria or a woman should die giving birth.Those are things that in today’s world and in today’s Nigeria, that we can accomplish.”

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

Photo: Prof. Babatunde Osotimehin, UNFPA Executive Director