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Niger, Chad and Mali Adapt Judicial Arsenal against Terrorism and Organized Crime

The justice ministers of Niger, Chad and Mali signed a judicial cooperation agreement on 9 May in Niamey, the aim of which is to regulate the mutual concerns of these three countries in matters of mutual assistance and information exchange between their judicial services. “The signing of the judicial cooperation agreement comes at a time when our states are facing the major challenges of the day, terrorism and organized crime, including drug trafficking, human trafficking and arms trafficking.” said Marou Amadou, the Minister of Justice of Niger.  Pr. Ahamat Mahamat Hassan, Chadian Minister of Justice and Mamadou Ismaël Konaté, the Malian Minister of Justice also signed the documents formalizing their commitments.  “These challenges call for responsive and diligent responses to both the ingenuity of terrorists and traffickers, has overtaken the classic mechanisms of bilateral and multilateral cooperation characterized by long and complex procedures. Breaking down barriers and entering a new era of cooperation by introducing more flexibility. This is the meaning of this tripartite cooperation agreement, “added Mr. Marou Amadou. The aim of judicial cooperation between the three countries is to strengthen border security and control and to effectively combat terrorism and other forms of organized crime. The Agreement contains ten titles and takes responsibility for the commitments of the three states in favor of accessible, effective and credible justice, the need for cooperation and strengthening of our mechanisms to combat transnational organized crime. The statement read by the Malian Minister of Justice detailed the points contained in the agreement as: Dealing with access to justice and defense guarantees; The transmission and delivery of judicial and extrajudicial documents; The attendance of witnesses, experts and prosecutors; The transmission and execution of letters of Extradition; The transfer of proceedings; Exequatur in civil, social and commercial matters; Criminal records and exchanges of notices of conviction; The establishment of central authorities responsible for receiving and issuing requests for mutual assistance; Joint investigations between officers and judicial police officers of the signatory countries. Such agreement shall be notified to the States Parties, the Economic Community of West African States, the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, the Republic of The African Union and the United Nations.
Source: Alwihda Info