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Young Malian lawyer congratulates Macron


Former president of the Association of Young Lawyers of Mali (AJAM), honorary president of the African Federation of Associations and Unions of Young Lawyers (FA-UJA), Ms. Nadia Myriam Biouelé is a lawyer registered with the Bar of Mali. Nadia Myriam Biouelé is, undoubtedly, the embodiment of a conscious African youth, thanks to her commitment, her positions and her initiatives. A few hours after the historic victory of Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election, she demonstrates dynamism on her Facebook home page by congratulating the new French President, Emmanuel Macron and challenging him on the situation of other countries including Mali.

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 It’s done! France dared, tried and won her bet of change! Congratulations to President Emmanuel Macron. For your courage, your strength of self-denial and temerity, your tenacity and above all, I congratulate you on your commitment to your fellow citizens and your country. You are a good example for the French and world youth, especially Africans, in search of landmark and example, a good example to follow. The lesson I learn and that the youth will have to remember from this election of President Macron is essentially faith in one’s convictions, self-esteem and faith in unfailing commitment. It always pays at the end of the road. Mr President, you will be the object of criticism, and you have faced it well before and throughout this campaign. Accompany your mandate with the same faith in your commitment to your fellow citizens and your country! Your program, I will not be the judge, the French remain and remain the first. But your country occupies a strategic place no less important in the world and especially in Africa. I urge you to rethink the ties that bind our countries, to strengthen them, but to make them more human and favorable to the development of our countries. Your election brings hope to all the youth of a continent, in particular that of a country, a former colony whose security and stability are still dependent on the Elysee’s sincere commitment. So that other young people can also aspire to restore hope to a whole people and to instill the winds of change in their country, allow Mali to regain its peace and its quasi-stability of yesteryear. President Macron, that there should be African countries “On the march” and a standing Mali, relieved of its wounds and sufferings from this oligarchy which does not say its name, I ask you to rethink your diplomacy and to be the model in so many countries, so that equally talented young people have the chance to be the standard bearer of an entire generation for sustainable development.

 Me Nadia Myriam Biouelé

Source: The Challenger