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Senegal: Government to Adopt Press Code, Soon


“There are things to review. We ourselves demanded that the draft Code be presented. It is in its final draft, we will remove the slang and what does not appear to be in conformity with the spirit of the Constitution and the laws. And if this is done in a short time, we will adopt it formally and send it to the National Assembly by requesting its vote,” said President Macky Sall, according to the Senegalese Press Agency (APS).

The head of state was speaking at the handing over ceremony of the Book of Grievances of the trade union centers on Labour Day. Speaking on the occasion, Ibrahima Khaliloulah Ndiaye, secretary-general of the Syndicate of Information and Communication Professionals of Senegal (SYNPICS), questioned the head of state on the “wild” assignment of radio and television frequencies, the management of the Press House and the Press Code.

According to President Sall, the draft of the Press Code was discussed on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. “There have been amendments since we have to take care of certain concepts which are in contradiction with other laws,” he said, reiterating the support of the State for the adoption of the new Press Code. For the management of the Press House, Macky Sall affirmed that the professionals will be involved in the management and the board of directors.

Macky Sall, who announced the ongoing distribution of the $ 700 million aid package, stressed that “media owners must work with the government and the unions to solve the problem of the Collective Agreement In the media, of wages and social contributions.”