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Nigeria : Kogi State Labour Day Celebrations Cancelled


Workers Day celebrations were cancelled in Kogi state, North Central Nigeria on May 1 (May Day).

According to Comrade Onuh Edoka, chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Kogi State, and Ojo Ranti of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), the cancellation of the May Day Celebrations is to register the organized labour displeasure on the way and manner the state government treated its members.

The NLC boss also expressed dissatisfaction that the screening of the appeal and complaints committee is yet to be made available to the Union in order for them to come up with observations. He described the situation as government antics so that the organized labour movement won’t have input in the report.

Debunking social media platforms indicating that Government workers have been paid in Kogi State, Edoka explained that a large number of workers, pensioners were not paid over the past fourteen months. This he said has destroyed the civil service and the workforce of the state and led to loss of lives, untold hardship to the workers in the state.

Edoka frowned at the situation where it has become difficult for civil servants affected by the screening and verification exercise to feed their families and meet other necessary obligations. And, advised workers not to allow themselves subdue any act of molestation, harassment and intimidation by the security agencies.

Lamenting the pitiable state of the education sector in Kogi State, the NLC Chairman noted that all tertiary institutions owned by the state government have been on strike in the past three months and that there is no serious commitment on the part of the state government to redress the “unhealthy situation”.

By Veronica Ogbole / Nigeria