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Afriscope 2016 : Women’s Media Consumption


  It is no secret that African women are increasingly focused on the media. Television, radio and internet, everything goes.  In a 2016 Afriscope study by the KanterTNS company, whose objective was to undertake a survey to highlight the number of women in regular contact with different media. The study took into account seven African countries (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Mali, DR Congo and Senegal). 17,000 women aged 15 and over were interviewed. They are more interested in cooking at 69%, music at 64%, family/couples 56%, fashion at 53%, and beauty at 51%. Ina graph highlighting women’s media consumption. Not surprisingly, 89%  are watching television, 58% listen to the radio and 38% are connected to the internet.

In addition, 80% of women use their mobile phones, 13% laptops, 8% computers, 8% tablets, 2% Smart TV and 8% others to connect to the internet.

In social networking, Afriscope reveals that 19% of women are connected to Facebook. However, a smaller presence on Twitter (3%) and Instagram (3%).

Since 2008, KantarTNS measures the audience of national and international television and radio stations. Afriscope helps to understand the consumption habits and profiles of the target audiences.